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  1. Complete well list with APIs # for the assets in the package

  2. 6-12mth LOS/LOE information

  3. WI_NRI confirmation

  4. Additional insight (upside potential, P&A liabilities, reworks, etc.)


Provide access to hard-to-find energy deals

Our goal is to create a healthy network of businesses all working together toward a common goal of business success. 

The Beachwood Helix is a new platform that helps energy companies source deals that meet their criteria.  Using augmented intelligence (internally called HELEN: Helix Energy Location Environment Navigator) we are able to source deals from all over the country (and the world) and put the deals in front of the teams that are looking for them.


On the Helix, you can talk directly to sellers, you can visit with our engineering team who can provide you with engineering reports showing today's market value of assets, and you can source multiple vendor quotes for services that you need from vendors on the platform.


We built the Helix to help get deals done faster.  It’s free to join and build a profile.

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