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We are the Beachwood Helix Corporation


Money is required to operate the Helix system with Proof of Funds required to transact; how much depends on what you'd like to buy.  Our fee is 3% of each deal’s final transaction closure amount from either buyer or seller or both parties depending on client source with a sliding scale dependent on transaction size and agreed upon with client. Deal values range from $5,000 to hundreds of millions of dollars.


We are happy to run the Helix system for you and show you all the opportunities.


Your cost: $1,188 /Year to access the Helix system.  Our team can also perform customized deal sourcing for your specific area of interest through our “Strategic Business Development” service for as little as $100 /Day (60-day minimum with extension options as necessary).


Our team is extremely skilled at utilizing "quantum" computing to identify the best investment opportunities for business success.


There is currently 100+ Buyers, 300+ Sellers, and 2 different funding sources in our system and growing.


We focus on carbon energy extraction and energy storage management with over a collective of 40+ years of experience and are known for closing deals.


Our investment returns are calculated using the previous decades’ economic matrix and applying it to future commodity indexes. We are considered fair, consistent, and conservative in our evaluations.


Operationally, we plan to enter the energy industry in the future, allowing for more streamlined deal purchasing.


We are a newfound and growing corporation, and actively look for additional investors & team members to help us grow our firm.


We are the Beachwood Helix Corporation (Meet the Team)


Strategic Business Development

Time is your most valuable asset. As your Strategic Acquisition Advisors, we vet any private deal for you. You never miss an opportunity, and only spend your time on the deals that make sense for you.

Service Details: $100/Day commitments which includes planning meetings, economic valuations, and general strategy (retainer minimum: 60 days)

Helix Price Guide


MicrosoftTeams-image (2).png

We built an Energy Price Guide (much like Kelly Blue Book did for cars) that shows current market prices for active oil & gas energy assets within the Lower 48. We call it the Helix.  

We use 8 different price metrics based on transaction successes.

The Helix is a non-bias, third party product that will help the energy industry, as a whole, be more successful at buying and selling.

At $99/Month, the Helix will provide Operators/Family Offices and Investors with a valuable tool they can use daily.


The Helix is an interactive database designed to be your price guide in an ever changing market.


About You

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The Beachwood Helix Corporation is an

Oklahoma based C-Corp,

headquartered at the 

50 Penn Place building in Oklahoma City.  

To purchase shares in the company, please contact:

Joshua Robbins, CEO & Founder

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