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"Treasure": Energy Source - Black Gold

We first conducted an experiment.

Experiment (noun)
Thesaurus definition: Exam
Dictionary definition: A Test


  • Experiment (further defined): the ability to establish a hypothesis derived from inference from scientific data.

  • Inference (noun): to infer, to compare a conclusion, derived by reasoning to accept a premise based on experience.

First, we had to map out where the black gold (carbon) assets exist, then find out how much it would cost to purchase, using a scale of reasonable expectations and investment timelines.

Then, we verified the results and optimized the process.

Below is our reasoning why our services were created and how they can help you buy or sell energy assets much easier in today's world.

We have made buying & Seller energy assets easier

Mineral Rights

Mineral Rights

Buy & Sell

Buy & Sell

Oil & Gas Assets

Oil & Gas Assets

Renewable Resources

Renewable Resources

Who We Are

The Beachwood Helix corporation is a team of professionals that finds energy deals. Energy deal are found from "Shoreline to Skyline", literally anywhere on Earth.


Our team specializes in sourcing actionable energy packages that are not publicly available, customized to fit your acquisition metrics, & areas of interest.

We pride ourselves in the ability to provide our clients with direction of action.


Our Services

Strategic Business Development

Time is your most valuable asset. As your Strategic Acquisition Advisors, we vet any private deal for you. You never miss an opportunity, and only spend your time on the deals that make sense for you.

Service Details: $100/Day commitments which includes planning meetings, economic valuations, and general strategy (retainer minimum: 60 days)

Helix Price Guide


MicrosoftTeams-image (2).png

We built an Energy Price Guide (much like Kelly Blue Book did for cars) that shows current market prices for active oil & gas energy assets within the Lower 48. We call it the Helix.  

We use 8 different price metrics based on transaction successes.

The Helix is a non-bias, third party product that will help the energy industry, as a whole, be more successful at buying and selling.

At $99/Month, the Helix will provide Operators/Family Offices and Investors with a valuable tool they can use daily.


The Helix is an interactive database designed to be your price guide in an ever changing market.

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