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Exclusive Helix Deal Delivery System & Evaluation Strategies 

You can be successful using the Helix!

To help you, we built H.E.L.E.N., our augmented intelligence:


Helix Energy Location Environment Navigator, is able to locate sourced deals from all over the country (and the world) that match what you are looking for and put only those deals you want to see in your inbox!  


The Helix is custom tailored deal flow, exclusively delivered to your secure web 3 Helix Home Page.

The Helix also features evaluation strategy through engineered value. With the Helix you are able to strategically buy the right assets, for the right price at the right time.



The Beachwood Helix Corporation is an Oklahoma based company, headquartered at the 50 Penn Place building in Oklahoma City.  

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Use the Helix to find energy assets in four steps.

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Step One

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Step Two

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To provide you access to hard-to-find energy deals, and to help you purchase them. From shoreline to skyline.

Step Three

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Step Four

Helix Deal Delivery and Strategic Review

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The Beachwood Helix Corporation is made up of a diverse group of professionals. 

We have extensive experience is business development, engineering, strategic portfolio management and acquisitions and divestitures.

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We work with Energy Buyers, Sellers, and Service Companies in every aspect of energy acquisitions, divestitures, and due diligence. 

We also offer Energy Investors a unique opportunity to invest into the Beachwood Helix Corporation.  

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